We are transforming user research so you build magical products backed by real customer insights.

Betafi is a moderated user research platform that makes it easy to capture and make sense of customer feedback sessions so you build products your customers will love. So, no more complicated research. Just talk with your customers, spot the ‘aha’ moments and extract insights. It is that simple. We are empowering everyone from a UX researcher to a product designer to a founder to better understand their users to build magical products. Right from idea validation to prototype testing, you can do both on Betafi platforms. When doing user interviews, you can easily meet your participants, takes notes, refer to your interview guide, and capture aha moments to identify meaningful insights to build the right products that truly solve the deep pain points of your users. You love Zoom to do your user interviews. No worries. Integrate your Zoom Pro account with Betafi to enjoy the amazing research features within Zoom. And, then convert your simple Zoom call into an insightful UX research session. With Betafi, it is really easy to test your design prototypes and live website and get usability analytics to iterate and build great products that your customers will love. We are integrated with Figma and Adobe XD, so you can test your prototypes without any extra effort. Synthesis is also a breeze on Betafi. You can revisit the video recording, your notes and your transcript to identify key insights. Can also create shorter video clips to share key highlights of the call. And export all your notes to Miro or download them as CSV to start synthesizing using the tools you love. So, try out Betafi and experience the joy of understanding your users and building amazing products.