The Agenda

We believe that BeMore Festival should be available to everyone, anywhere. That’s why this year, it’s 24 hours long. Join for as much as you can — all talks will be recorded and shared out the week after the conference so you can catch up on what you missed.

Working With Big Brands As A Freelancer

Maitreyee Kalaskar
Freelance Art Director

22nd Sep, 6:20am - 7am PST

The Importance Of Brand Design

Parinaz Kassemi
Arianna Orland
Andrew Chen
Jon Howell

21st Sep, 10:20am - 11am PST

Chart Your Own Career Path

Roberto Aiello
Ademola Adekanbi
Yulin Liu
Meagan Ryan
Derek Jouppi

21st Sep, 10:20am - 11am PST

Demystifying Thought Leadership To Boost Female Representation

Sakshi Shukla
Content Creator, Marketing Advisor

21st Sep, 10:20pm - 11pm PST

The REAL Day In The Life Of UX Researchers: Necessary Soft Skills You Weren’t Taught

Don Hill
Jiaorui Jiang

21st Sep, 10am - 10:40am PST

Greener Design

Shane Tierney
Sandra Pallier

21st Sep, 10am - 10:40am PST

From Industrial Designer to Product Designer & Content Creator

Edward Sudjono
Product Designer

21st Sep, 10pm - 10:40pm PST

Be You: Defining Your Personal Brand

Wendy Johansson
Co-founder + Chief Product Experience Officer, MiSalud

21st Sep, 11:20am - 12pm PST

Jumping Into Web3 As A designer

Jessica Phan
Prev. Head of Design, OpenSea

21st Sep, 11:20am - 12pm PST

Q&A with Stacy Sherman

Stacy Sherman
Vice President Marketing, Agent (AX) & Customer Experience (CX), Liveops, Inc

21st Sep, 11:20pm - 22nd Sep 12am

How To Build A Successful PM Career

Ricky Omoareghan
Arthur Ng
Deepika Rudra Murthy

21st Sep, 11:20pm - 22nd Sep, 12am PST

How To Thrive As A Woman In Tech

Shalvi Sharma
Rebecca Lubitz-Marchena
Kristine Yuen
Aarianna Barnes
Sinem Yucel

21st Sep, 11:40am - 12:20pm PST

Helping First-time Internet Users Achieve More

Nikita Chandawale
Nikita Chandawale
Sr. Design Researcher, Microsoft

21st Sep, 11:40pm - 22nd Sep, 12:20am PST

Evolution Of Tech In Music

Sumit Kumar Singh
Principal Product Manager, Microsoft

21st Sep, 12:20am - 1am PST

The Future Of Design Is Machine Learning

Natalie Kuhn
Natalie Kuhn
Director of Design, Capital One

21st Sep, 12:20pm - 1pm PST

What Tech Companies Are Looking For When It Comes To Product Design

Sangli Li
Product Design Lead, Content Creator, Facebook

21st Sep, 12:20pm - 1pm PST

Personal Brand Identity And Social Media In Design Industry

Jan Mraz
Co-founder & Head of Product Design, Atheros Intelligence

21st Sep, 12am PST - 22nd Sep, 12:40am PST

Design Leadership - Leading With Empathy

Riya Thosar
Riya Thosar
Director of Product Design, SAP

21st Sep, 12pm - 12:40pm PST

Can Building Your Narrative Muscle Get You A Seat At The Table?

Anuja Singhal
Anuja Singhal
Narratives and Product Design, Microsoft

21st Sep, 1:20pm - 2pm PST

Collaboration Doesn't Have To Be Hard

Shriya Shekhar
Meesh Lin
Andrew Sandler
Dava Guthmiller
Leonam Espindola

21st Sep, 1:20pm - 2pm PST

Conscious Leadership: What A Popular Parenting Technique Taught Me About Being A Better Manager

Jess Huang
Jess Huang
Senior Manager Strategic Design, Bain & Company

21st Sep, 1:40pm - 2:20pm PST

Own Your Career Journey Even If You Do Not Yet Know The Destination

Courtney Maya George
Courtney Maya George
Design Leadership, Amplitude

21st Sep, 1:40pm - 2:20pm PST

The Home Depot : UX Mentor panel: Navigating UX career growth in an enterprise organization

Liz Juhnke
Elaine Torres
Trey Banks
Brian Irving, Eunji Jeong
Tommy Dietz, Nicholas Busman
UX Leaders, The Home Depot

21st Sep, 2:20pm - 3pm PST

Working Out Of Your Cultural Comfort Zone

Abdullah Zaiter
Software Engineer, ASML

21st Sep, 2pm - 2:40pm PST

Evolving Your Career Growth: Discussion & AMA

Rebecca Lubitz-Marchena
Yina Smith-Danenhower
Everest Nwagwu
David Luong
Franco Falaschi

21st Sep, 2pm - 2:40pm PST

Designing Ambient Experiences

Jatin Bajaj
Jatin Bajaj
Senior Product Manager Tech, Amazon Prime Air

21st Sep, 3:20pm - 4pm PST

Building An Effective Product Strategy

Anshul Kumar
Anshul Kumar
Senior Manager, Product, Wayfair

21st Sep, 3:20pm - 4pm PST

Designing For Localization And Internationalization

Amr Thameen
Amr Thameen
Senior Product Designer, Squarespace

21st Sep, 3:40pm - 4:20pm PST

Basketball... (And The Lessons I've Learned in Design Leadership)

Milton Jackson
SVP, Experience Design, Bank of America

21st Sep, 3:40pm - 4:20pm PST

Design In Enterprise vs. Digital Agency or Startup

Anthony Viviano
Senior Interaction Designer, Bloomberg

21st Sep, 420pm - 5pm PST

Imposter Syndrome, As A Leader And Designer

Stephen Gates
SDGates Creative

21st Sep, 4:20pm - 5pm PST

The Importance Of Diversity For The Design Community

Drew Montgomery
Ethel Zlotnik
Khairul Bahriah
Ryan Yao
Erica Ellis

21st Sep, 4:20pm - 5pm, PST

How To Build A Killer Content Design Portfolio

Neeru Nagarajan
Neeru Nagarajan
Content Design, Meta

21st Sep, 4pm - 4:40pm PST

Product Led Growth

Crystal Widjaja
Chief Product Officer, Kumu

21st Sep, 5:20pm - 6pm

Lessons From My First Design Leadership Role At A Startup

Jessica Ko
Co-Founder & CEO,

21st Sep, 5:20pm - 6pm PST

Integrating Accessibility Into Your Product Lifecycle

Nandita Gupta
Nandita Gupta
Accessibility Program Manager, Microsoft

21st Sep, 5:40pm - 6:20pm PST

Mini-workshop Toolkit: Easy To Run, Interactive Workshops To Build Better Products

Katie Le
Nicolas Backal

21st Sep, 6:20pm - 7pm PST

Why To Love Your Career In Product Or Design

Joe Cahill
Joe Cahill
Design Services Manager, Unqork

21st Sep, 6pm - 6:40pm PST

Is Service Design One Of The Stranger Things?

Federico Francioni
Federico Francioni
Head of Digital Ecosystem, Meta

21st Sep, 7:20pm - 8pm PST

The Growth Of Tech In Southeast Asia

Charmaine Ng
Jared Koh
Zheng Wei QUAH

21st Sep, 7:20pm - 8pm PST

Is Your Workflow 'Close-minded'? An Engineering Approach To Finding Research Insights With A Classic Tool

Ava Allen
Ava Allen
User Research Lead, McKinsey

21st Sep, 7:40pm - 8:20pm PST

Helping Low-design-maturity Organization Build Design Capability

Hongqiao LU
Hongqiao LU
Expert Associate Partner, Design, Mckinsey

21st Sep, 8:20pm - 9pm PST

Thrive Outside The Lines

Leandro Incetta
Bronwen Rees
Leandro Incetta

21st Sep, 8pm - 8:40pm PST

Monetizing Your Skills As A Creative Professional

Ansh Mehra
Ansh Mehra
Senior Product Designer, Zuddl

21st Sep, 9:20am - 10am PST

User Research Or Gut, What Drives Key Decisions In An Early Stage Start-up?

Arjun Arora
Co-founder & CEO, Betafi

21st Sep, 9:20am - 10am PST

Why Designers Should Also Be Technical

Joey Kilrain
Founder/CCO Experience Design, DED

21st Sep, 9:20pm - 10pm PST

How To Transition From IC To Design Manager

Saptarshi Prakash
Director of Design, Swiggy

21st Sep, 9:20pm - 10pm PST

The 3 As Of Psychological Safety

Magda Miu
Engineering Manager, Adobe

21st Sep, 9:40am - 10:20am PST

Mentoring To Improve Leadership Skills

Aisha Owolabi
James Carleton
Jason Silver
Rose Iorillo
Jered Odegard

21st Sep, 9:40am - 10am PST

Designers: It’s not you/the job; It’s your portfolio

Robert Paige
Robert Paige
Creative Director, Instacart

21st Sep, 9:40pm - 10:20pm PST

Design Leadership Q&A

Ethan Eismann
Jess Clark
Design Leaders, Slack & Calendly

21st Sep, 9am - 9:40am PST

Creating A Safe And Inclusive Environment For Feedback

Harrison Wheeler
Sr. Design Manager, Poduct Design, Linkedin

21st Sep, 9am - 9:40am PST

Growth With No Code

Emily Lonetto
Director of Community, Webflow

21st sep, 11:40am-12:20pm PST

Production And The Lost Art Of Soft Skills

Darryl Kay
Lead Producer, Revolving Games

21st sep, 2:20pm - 3pm PST

Heuristic Evaluation For Better User Experience

Somesh Patil
Somesh Patil
User Experience Designer, Moonraft Innovation Labs

22nd Sep, 12pm - 12:40pm PST

Identifying AI ML Opportunities In Your Product

Jayasri Nagrale
Jayasri Nagrale
Product Design Manager, ServiceNow

22nd Sep, 1:20am - 2am PST

3 Types Of Roadmaps Every PM Needs To Master

David Wang
Group Product Manager, Linktree

22nd Sep, 1:40am - 2:20am PST

Thriving Now, Ahead of A Cookieless World

Ademola Adekunbi
Ademola Adekunbi
Platform Solutions Consultant, MEA, Adform

22nd Sep, 2:20am - 3am PST

Transformation from Shy to Confident Leader

Ermi Isais
Senior Product Designer, Shift

22nd Sep, 2am - 2:40am PST

Product Leadership - From Discovery to Delivery

Eric Chan
Lead Product Manager, Grab

22nd Sep, 3:20am - 4am PST

Conditions Design - The Mystic Art of Influencing Outcomes

Michael Tam
Michael Tam
Global Design Director, IBM iX

22nd Sep, 3:40am - 4:20am PST

Inclusive Design : Designing Product For A Billion Users

Prashanth Shanmugasundaram
Interaction Designer, Google

22nd Sep, 4:20am - 5am PST

How Collaboration & Empathy Shaped Our Most Impactful Campaigns

Andri Rahmad Wijaya
Andri Rahmad Wijaya
Head of Marketing, Flip

22nd Sep, 4am - 4:40am PST

Building Content That Always Stands Out

Manisha Gupta
Manisha Gupta
Staff Experience Designer, Adobe

22nd Sep, 5:20am - 6am PST

Democratizing UX Research: A Constantly Swinging Pendulum Problem

Shrut Kirti Saksena
Senior Experience Researcher, Adobe

22nd Sep, 5:40am - 6:20am PST

How to accelerate your journey to senior engineer (Frontend/UI)

Devang Paliwal
Engineering Leader,

22nd Sep, 6:20am - 7am PST

How To Beat Impostor Syndrome And Feel Good In Your Role

Lan Belic
Lan Belic
Senior Product Designer,

22nd Sep, 6am - 640am PST

Breaking Your Marginalized Mentees into Tech

Noemi Lantz
Noemi Lantz
UX/UI Designer, Whisker

22nd Sep, 7:20am - 8am PST

Mental Health. Overcome Your Inner Critic

Theo Johnson
Cami Travis-Groves
Robert Surrency
Joanne Wang
Andrés Richero

22nd Sep, 7:20am - 8am PST

Defining Sales Design

Logan Debiase
Lead Product Designer, DocuSign

22nd Sep, 7:40am - 8:20am PST

Making Mistake Is The Best Way To Learn

Anukriti Verma
Sana Afreen
Rainy Jiang

22nd Sep, 7:40am - 8:20am PST

Introduction to Motion Experience w/ No-Code.

Vidhunnan Murugan
Product Designer, BigBasket

22nd Sep, 820am - 9am PST

Blockchain for Social Impact

Abhishek Bhattacharya
Co-Founder, Brú Finance

22nd Sep, 8am - 8:40am PST

Why Is It So Dang Hard To Get A Job!? And What You Can Do About It.

Adam Perlis
Noa Carmel
Jackie Velasquez-Ross
Tanner Christensen
Mike Deal
Academy UX

22nd Sep, 8am - 8:40am PST